BMW Monolever and Paralever Sidestands



Monolever sidestands are in stock as of September 2022

bulletHOW TO BUY: 
bulletVerify the product is in stock as noted above.
bulletIf you want a new stock unit, contact me via email with your PayPal email address. You'll be sent a PayPal invoice to make payment.
bulletIf you want a refurbished or beta unit, ask about availability in your email message.
bulletIf you live outside the States, verify your shipping address so shipping costs can be determined.
bulletVerify modifications for non-stock (forks, swingarms, etc...) components if you're concerned about fitment of the FTP sidestand. The sidestands are designed to fit stock machines and some with modifications.


bulletPAYMENT: PayPal only. Other payment types, for US only buyers, can be arranged if necessary. Buyers will be sent a payment request via PayPal.


bulletDomestic ( LOWER 48 States): $20USD for FedEx Ground
bulletInternational: USPS Priorty Mail is used. Only the actual USPS shipping cost is charged. Costs for shipping range from $40USD to $70USD. Please contact me if you have a way to ship a sidestand package from the US to an International destination for less than what USPS charges. 

bulletNOTE: Drawings are not sent out for the DIY'ers.



A limited supply of refurbished and beta units are available for the ST model. Email for specifics on availability and cost.




R80G/S (PD), R80ST & R65GS

New Revised Design!

Design description:

These stands are a robust alternative to the factory BMW sidestand.


Gloss black powder coat finish


Two-point mounting design


Retains the factory 14-16 degree lean angle


Ideal to use for both short and long inseam riders


No required modifications to the bike for the installation


The FTP sidestand is deployed and retracted manually. It does not have an auto-retract feature.


The FTP sidestand does not use any electronics or electrical connections.

Revised design features:


Smoother action pivot bolt


Zerk fitting for greasing without disassembly


Deployment and retraction tab feature 


It is recommended to always use the bike's centerstand for long term parking.


The FTP sidestand is to be used for parking the machine, not for rodeo stunts, breaking tyre beads, etc.....

The cost is $300USD plus shipping.


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R80G/S Monolever Design







Images for the previous design FTP G/S and ST Monolever sidestand

The following pic is courtesy of Matias Corea:



The above photo was taken on a journey documented in the motorcycle adventure book:


Additional information on their 20K mile adventure can be found here.


1989 R65GS   Den Gule Ged (The Yellow Goat)

These photos are courtesy of a rider from Denmark. They were taken on a beautiful Sunday morning outside the Egeskov Castle









R100GS & R100GSPD

No Longer in production



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